3 Tips To Find The Best Savings Accounts

You’ve heard the commonly used phrase “Save it for a rainy day.” The axiom refers to putting away money for future use, whether you need quick cash for a financial emergency or you want to plan a long awaited vacation. So how do you do it? By opening a savings account. Let’s review three tips […]

4 Types Of Savings Accounts Everyone Should Have

Just as the food pyramid established a nutritional foundation, the personal finance pyramid starts with proven knowledge that helps consumers generate wealth and establish positive credit scores. At the core of this foundation, is opening and maintaining a healthy savings account.  According to Business Today, most savings accounts come with far too many benefits for […]

Tips To Save in 2020 – If You’re Not Doing This, You’re Behind

“You should save for a rainy day.” The timeless piece of financial advice still rings true today. However, if the savings accounts of most Americans are any indication, it appears it does not rain much in the United States. A mind blowing 26% of adults have no money set aside for the inevitable rainy day. […]

5 Important Facts You Never Knew About Your Savings Account

Are you taking full advantage of your savings account? You might be missing out on some features that will help your savings grow faster or fees that cost you money. Here are five important facts about savings accounts you might not have known. You Can Still Find High Interest Savings Accounts Earn more on your […]

7 Ways You’ll Fall Behind If You Don’t Have a Savings Account

Savings accounts and checking accounts sound mighty similar. They both store your money at the bank, so why would you need both? But a checking account, while a necessary financial account, should not be where you keep all your money. If you’re avoiding opening a savings account, read on to learn why you should open […]

What is a High-Interest Savings Account?

We all wish we could magically make our dollars grow without extra work. In today’s low interest world, keeping your cash in the bank sometimes seems no different than storing it in a piggy bank. If you’re sick of your bank’s tiny savings interest rate, a high-interest savings account might be the answer. Earn More […]

How to Choose the Right Savings Account

You work hard for your money and want to keep it safe. With so many savings account options, it can be hard to know where to keep your money. When choosing a savings account, here are some things to consider before you sign up. What’s the APY? APY, or annual percentage yield, means how much […]